Welcome to Get Your Family Together!

This site is born from a mum (me!), who wanted her family to spend a little less time on their phones and a little more time talking with each other face to face.

Today’s families lead busy lives, add to that the exciting world of phones, computer games, tablets and TV that’s available, it all adds up to less and less time being spent together. Technology now has a massive influence on how all of us spend our spare time. The days of only four TV channels (for those of you that don’t remember, yes I said four!) and having to ask permission to use the house phone to ring a friend are so far behind us that when I tell to my children about it, (yep the old, in my day line…) they look at me like I have made it all up or am talking about some cruel far away land I was sent to for being naughty! Even worse, they just think of me as ‘really old!’.

When I think of my children’s world now, TV on demand, mobile phones, (yes, you can actually put it in your pocket!), computer games, tablets, gaming headsets, online chats (or shouts!) with their friends, it’s a whole new world of communicating and you don’t have to leave the house! It’s no wonder they never want to stray too far from their rooms!

Don’t panic though, this site is not about banning phones or TV, it is about taking some time out as a family a few times a week to go back to basics and just have a conversation.

Being able to have a face to face conversation is a skill that is being lost among text messages, computer screens and headsets. Talking about how we feel can do amazing things from improving our everyday mental health, changing our mood to simply making us laugh but it does take practice! As a previous fan of the ‘go it alone’ method, I can say it is worth the effort.

Encouraging open conversations as a family is a great way to give you and your children the emotional skills to and confidence to tackle today’s crazy, 24/7, airbrushed, selfie filtered world. Get your Family Together is not about spending every waking minute together it is about promoting time to talk within your family as a way to help develop a culture of support, honesty, empathy and togetherness, no matter where you are -and if nothing else it will also make you feel less guilty when they are on their computers!

Why not get your family together today – start a conversation and see where it takes you?