Make mental health a part of your family conversations.

Lets face it, todays have it all culture is having an effect on our mental health.  The pressure to look a certain way, to have an amazing career, a spotless, show home house,  amazing holidays and basically have it all together every single day is at an all time high. Combine that with the endless array of filtered photos, status updates,  glossy magazine pictures and body transformations that we are exposed to on a daily basis, it is not surprising that we are left feeling less than perfect.

For my generation, this is a world we have been thrown into and many of us have embraced it with little thought for how it is affecting our daily mental health, let alone the mental health of our families.

Our compare culture has dented our confidence, increased self doubt and made us believe that who we are is not enough and without us even realising it these feelings are compounded everyday by the constant updates we scroll through on our phones.… Read the rest