Me and My Shy – A Confidence Journey

Lets face it, today’s world is one for extroverts, show offs and loud speakers. The ever accessible social media and reality TV are all geared up for self promotion ensuring that at  every turn, there is a place you can put yourself front and centre for all to see. It is creating a social shift, a place where the confident reign and those lacking are left behind, pushed out of the way by those super confident, jazz handed, all round performers, tap dancing us out of the way!

In my opinion, being shy has now become a problem, a forgotten personality trait,  something that people who don’t struggle with confidence do not understand and consequently do not know how to deal with, leading to us (when I say us I mean my fellow introverts!) being labelled as boring, quiet, sensitive, rude, fragile even, overlooked and ultimately unseen.

Many of us who suffer from shyness don’t stay quiet through choice, it is the constant voice in our head telling us to hold back, that we have nothing valid to say, the fear of going bright red, of people laughing, of being dismissed and ultimately battling the demons in your head that run through every nightmare scenario before actually speaking.… Read the rest