The Book to Get Your Family Together

The Book to Get Your Family Together is in production! However in these uncertain times, the release date is unclear. However I thought I would give you all a sneak preview of what it is all about with a look at my introduction of the book talking about family and mental health. It just seemed appropriate to share given the unprecedented situation we are all currently dealing with – please give it a read – I really hope you enjoy!

Family and Mental Health

After years in hiding, finally we are talking about mental health! Whilst some old attitudes still remain we are slowly moving away from the ‘stiff upper lip’ and ‘keep calm and carry on’ methods that were often enforced in previous generations.

When we hear the words mental health we automatically think of illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, to name but a few. These illnesses can play a major part in our mental health and it is a positive step that so many more of us are aware of the many forms and symptoms of mental health illness and more importantly are understanding that there is no shame in talking about and seeking support to treat them. … Read the rest

Me and My Shy – A Confidence Journey

Lets face it, today’s world is one for extroverts, show offs and loud speakers. The ever accessible social media and reality TV are all geared up for self promotion ensuring that at  every turn, there is a place you can put yourself front and centre for all to see. It is creating a social shift, a place where the confident reign and those lacking are left behind, pushed out of the way by those super confident, jazz handed, all round performers, tap dancing us out of the way!

In my opinion, being shy has now become a problem, a forgotten personality trait,  something that people who don’t struggle with confidence do not understand and consequently do not know how to deal with, leading to us (when I say us I mean my fellow introverts!) being labelled as boring, quiet, sensitive, rude, fragile even, overlooked and ultimately unseen.

Many of us who suffer from shyness don’t stay quiet through choice, it is the constant voice in our head telling us to hold back, that we have nothing valid to say, the fear of going bright red, of people laughing, of being dismissed and ultimately battling the demons in your head that run through every nightmare scenario before actually speaking.… Read the rest

Make mental health a part of your family conversations.

Lets face it, todays have it all culture is having an effect on our mental health.  The pressure to look a certain way, to have an amazing career, a spotless, show home house,  amazing holidays and basically have it all together every single day is at an all time high. Combine that with the endless array of filtered photos, status updates,  glossy magazine pictures and body transformations that we are exposed to on a daily basis, it is not surprising that we are left feeling less than perfect.

For my generation, this is a world we have been thrown into and many of us have embraced it with little thought for how it is affecting our daily mental health, let alone the mental health of our families.

Our compare culture has dented our confidence, increased self doubt and made us believe that who we are is not enough and without us even realising it these feelings are compounded everyday by the constant updates we scroll through on our phones.… Read the rest

Make Your Chatter Matter!

When you think about it families are a pretty tough gig –  a group of people all at different stages in life, with different personalities all trying make their way and find a place in the world whilst trying to live in harmony under one roof! Add to that today’s instant, selfie filtered, glossy magazine, social media filled world, it’s no wonder us mums feel pressure to have this ‘cardboard cutout perfect’ family life (Spoiler alert: perfect does not exist and if it did it would make things pretty boring!) In trying to keep up with this idea of perfect we often get lost and wrapped up in so many things, it can turn family life into one big colour coded schedule! We spend so much time moving from one thing to the next that taking time out to just chat as a family can get pushed to the back of the queue.… Read the rest